John Allen

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    Leaders have high emotional intelligence.
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    Talking through a conflict requires a good listener. Even if you are the person that is feeling "wronged" still, listen to the opposing view. Let them know you heard them by repeating it back to them, never jump ahead on assumptions. Get all the facts first. If they see you are such a willing listener they may soften their reactions towards you.
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    You hold the keys here. If you are unsure, start with the intentions of being completely honest about your feelings and emotions. No one is judging you except for you. Pull off the mask and discover the real you.
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    One important piece of advice on improving emotional intelligence: do not judge yourself. Simply accept what was, look at what is and seek to make what will be better.
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    With the reasoning of emotions, you learn to apply the positive to curtail the negative. If you do not do this, the result is a person who is ruled mainly by negative emotions
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    Voice your side, listen to theirs, repeat it back, and if resolution does not come, walk away.
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    Employers of public businesses will require their employees always to offer a smile and a genuine offer of help, regardless of how the employee feels.
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    Sometimes we tend to label emotions, assuming it is one thing without further investigation.
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    All emotions need an outlet, regardless of whether or not they are good ones or bad ones.
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