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Carl Klaus

  • Isabella Hinestrozaidézettelőző év
    “Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.”

    — Epictetus
  • Isabella Hinestrozaidézettelőző év
    see a woman only in her underwear is infinitely more sensual and sexual than seeing a woman entirely naked.
  • Isabella Hinestrozaidézettelőző év
    A designer’s work should be orientated towards this fulfilment.
  • Hardini Dyah Astutiidézett2 évvel ezelőtt
    plain and satin weave, jersey, lawn, muslin, percale, and voile.
  • b8409800589idézett2 évvel ezelőtt
    The beginning of the Gothic age cannot be dated precisely; it lies sometime in the mid-twelfth century and slowly replaced the Romanesque age.
  • b8409800589idézett2 évvel ezelőtt
    painter, master builder and writer Giorgio Vasari used the term “gothic” (which means “barbaric”) to describe the new way of building that came to Italy over the Alps.
  • Igor Osipovidézettelőző év
    The imagined body is more meaningful than any real body.
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