Marriage was supposed to be our happily-ever-after.
But it’s looking more like ‘the end’.

Nataya is my world. My rock. My wife.
Our marriage was perfect. Or so I thought.
Reality hits me hard when I come home to an empty bedroom and a scribbled note on our bed.
It’s over. Or so she thinks.
I’d rather lose my sanity than lose her.
I thought convincing Nataya to start again would be easy.
She still wants me. She stills sighs when I touch her. Still melts when I kiss her.
But there’s a secret standing between me and my wife.
I’ll have to do more than seduce Nataya to fix my mistakes.
If I want her, I’ll have to earn her.

Earn Me is an angsty marriage reconciliation romance with a hot, tatted husband and the gorgeous wife who demands his all.
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