Leah Fleming

Daughter of the Tide

1939. A compelling romantic saga set on a remote Hebridean isle. As children on the island of Phetray, Minn Macfee, a cottar's daughter, and Ewan Mackinnon, the Minister's son, are bound together by the accidental drowning of Ewan's sister.
Ewan is blamed and Minn shunned. As the two children grow, they must go their separate ways grieving. Just before the outbreak of the Second World War Ewan returns to Phetray, now a handsome sailor.
He falls in love with Minn's fragile beauty and enchanting singing voice. But they are separated again when Ewan joins the Special Boat Squadron and embarks for France. Throughout the years the two always seem to find their way back together, but fate always steps in to intervene... Touched by tragedy, misunderstanding and the weight of family disapproval, their love seems destined to die.
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Fiona McNeill
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