They say fame comes with a price.
But losing my wife is too high a cost.

A rising star. Award-winning musician. A fanbase of millions.
My life was perfect until my wife walked away without warning, leaving me in pieces.
At first I’m angry enough to let her slip away.
Then I see Jaz with another man and I realize letting her go is not an option.
I’m winning her back.
Even if our marriage is a crumbling mess.
Even if I’m the last person she trusts.
Even if it kills me.
I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want my wife.
She’s not going to make it easy.
But I’m the kind of stubborn that keeps banging on doors until they open or fall off their hinges.
I know two things for sure:
I don’t deserve my wife.
And I love that woman too much to lose her.

Deserve Me is an angsty BWWM marriage reconciliation romance with a hot, rockstar husband and the gorgeous wife who demands his all.
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