Molly Tanzer

Molly Tanzer is an American fantasy, horror, and sci-fi author. She has made a name for herself with genre-bending fiction and strong female protagonists. She won the Colorado Book Award for historical fiction Creatures of Charm and Hunger (2020).

Molly Tanzer was born in Marietta, Georgia, and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. Tanzer studied art history at Rollins College before earning a Master's in Humanities from Florida State University, with a focus on 18th-century novels written by women about the transatlantic slave trade.

The author of the Diabolist's Library trilogy, western Vermilion, and the British Fantasy Award-nominated collection A Pretty Mouth, Tanzer's work often combines elements of multiple genres and takes place in alternate historical settings.

Her early works draw inspiration from Lovecraftian fiction.

"The Lovecraftian, to me, was at first merely an opportunity. When I was trying to break into writing, no one was publishing much historical fiction, which has ever been my scene. Then came an opportunity to submit to an anthology called Historical Lovecraft, edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. While I don’t write as much overtly Lovecraftian fiction anymore, I am happy to be influenced by him, and he still shows up in my work," the novelist says.

Molly Tanzer is particularly interested in the "queering of history" and strives for inclusivity in her work, featuring people of color, LGBTQIA characters, and complex relationships between women.

Her critically acclaimed short fiction short fiction has also widely appeared in media such as The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Lightspeed, and Transcendent: The Year's Best Trans and Nonbinary Speculative Fiction.

Critics have praised her for her strong characterizations, sharp dialogue, and "slow-burn" pacing.

Molly Tanzer has been nominated for the Locus Award, British Fantasy Award, and the Wonderland Book Award.

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