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Vi Keeland

Vi Keeland is an American romance author. Her books have become bestsellers in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today listings, and are currently translated into twenty-six languages.

Keeland debuted with the novel First Thing I See in January 2013. She was inspired to publish it after being displaced from her home due to damage from Hurricane Sandy. Since then, she has published more than thirty full-length novels.

Success came three years later with her most notable work Bossman, a book about a boss who falls for one of his employees. The novel reached #1 on The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal bestseller lists and spent 6 weeks on the USA Today bestseller list.

Three of her short stories — Sexy Scrooge, Dry Spell, and The Merry Mistake — have been turned into films by Passionflix. And her full-length novel, Egomaniac, is currently optioned for film by TaleFlick.

Vi Keeland has been collaborating with author Penelope Ward. They are a best-selling writing duo, known for their funny, sexy novels. Their first novel together was Cocky Bastard (2015).

"We met in an author group that we were part of that did a box set together. After the box set was finished, we hit it off, we became friends and we started chatting. We wound up talking every single day after that. We had always kidded around about writing something together. One day out of the blue, Penelope sent me this mock-up of a cover called Cocky Bastard. and that was the first book we ever wrote together. We just said, “Let’s keep it to ourselves and try it and see if it works,” and it did," Keeland says.

Since then, the duo has collaborated on dozen books and continues working together.

Vi Keeland resides in New York with her husband and their three children.

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“I think it took me this long to realize what moving on meant. It doesn’t mean forgetting what you’ve left behind. It means making her a memory and deciding to have a future without her in it.”
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Sometimes what you’re looking for
comes when you’re not looking at all.

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“Do you believe if someone takes your heart, you won’t be able to love the same way after that?”


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