Janey Lowes

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    How could one of the most beautiful places on earth also see man’s supposed best friend going through so much suffering?
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    I lose my temper, I cry. I cry a lot. How can I not, seeing this kind of thing day in and day out? But I cling to the understanding that these cruel people are few and far between, and they aren’t necessarily fully bad, but just haven’t yet made that connection with empathy yet. Let’s face it, animal cruelty, and the odd person who will never have a shred of empathy, exist everywhere you go in the world. It was the large majority who could make that connection, and start treating dogs with more compassion, who I wanted to focus on.
    It isn’t always easy to judge whether we are winning the battle of the hearts and minds of the locals, and I think it is such a gradual change that I don’t always notice it happening.
    But when a tourist comments on how much healthier the dogs look in the area around Talalla Beach than the dogs they have seen everywhere else on their travels, or when a local proudly informs you that they are keeping their dog’s vaccination card up to date, that you think, okay, this is working.

    It is a more recent example, but a great story about educating by example
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    That change in his mindset was incredible, and is exactly why we shouldn’t be so quick to judge or assume that people aren’t dog lovers. More often than not, they are just unsure. People only need to see how great a dog can be, and they start to want the same relationship with the dog. Who wouldn’t?
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    My first true love, Finn. He was by my side for a blissful eleven years.

    Tom, the street dog I met on holiday who inspired me to start the clinic.

    Joy, one of the dogs I met on holiday, was one of the first dogs I treated when I arrived in Sri Lanka.

    Jeremy was picked up about twenty kilometres from the clinic. He was returned to where he was found but just kept coming back – now he often waits outside the clinic for some cuddles and fuss!

    My little Ralphie, the first dog I adopted – he
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    caused a drama when he was stolen!

    Chaminda became a vital part of the WECare team – he would prioritise our jobs in his tuk-tuk and never once complained about the smell!

    Boris went on a little road trip to Colombo to be treated after I found him at the side of the road.

    Meeting Malaka for the first time. He was absolutely vital to helping to get the clinic started.

    Mali summed up what it was to be a street dog – he’s probably my favourite street dog of all time.
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    with the street dogs. But moments like this one right here were my answer. Missing family and friends, constantly scraping around for money – even doing without proper chocolate and Wotsit crisps – were all worth it, if every day I could give dogs like Timmy a second chance at life.
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    TER ONE •


    The first true love of my life was called Finn. As soon as I set eyes on him at sixteen years old I told my colleagues he was perfect for me, and soon he was by my side for eleven blissful years. Whether it was walking on the fell or snuggling in bed, I couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather be with. And those big brown eyes … they would melt anyone’s heart
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