Tim Hodkinson

Tim Hodkinson is a Northern Irish author known for his works in Viking fiction, historical fiction, and gothic historical settings. His books, particularly The Whale Road Chronicles and Sword of the War God, have captivated readers with their blend of historical depth and mythological elements.

Tim Hodkinson was born in Northern Ireland in 1971. His proximity to the rugged coastline and the Atlantic Ocean sparked a lifelong interest in the Viking Age. He graduated from university with a degree in Medieval English and Old Norse Literature, with a minor in Medieval European History.

Tim has been writing from a young age, fueled by his interests in history, the mystical, and the mysterious. His literary influences include notable authors such as Ben Kane, Giles Kristian, Bernard Cornwell, George R.R. Martin, and Lee Child.

His most recent work, Sword of the War God (2024), is a historical epic set in 436 AD, during a tumultuous time when the Burgundars attempt to challenge Rome but are devastated by the involvement of the Huns, led by the infamous Attila. This novel explores the legendary Sword of the War God, a mythical weapon that promises invincibility to its bearer. The narrative is rich with elements of Norse mythology and detailed European history, designed to appeal to fans of authors like Bernard Cornwell and Neil Gaiman.

After spending several years in New Hampshire, USA, Tim Hodkinson returned to Northern Ireland, where he now resides in Moira with his wife, Trudy, and their three daughters.

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