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Kennedy Fox

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    Even if you’re a pain in my ass, I crave your warmth and being close to you. And for whatever fucking reason, I can't get you out of my goddamn head. You've embedded yourself under my skin, and now I think about kissing you every time I'm around you. Not just for the sake of keeping up appearances but because I need to taste you.”
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    DAY 1

    A light-blue Chevy truck that looks like it fell straight from an old film slows down in front of me. My lips part when I read Bennett Orchard Farms on the side and meet the deep-brown eyes of the man driving.

    He’s here to pick me up.

    I flew from California to Vermont, and after two connecting flights and three gigantic coffees, I’m finally here. The Bennetts insisted they drive me to the farm from the airport, and after pricing a rental car, I agreed. It was too expensive.
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    “I wouldn’t trust you even if Jesus himself came and blessed your forehead with a Bible in hand.”
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    But Viola Fisher—gorgeous, stunning, absolutely breathtaking.
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    You come home at three in the goddamn morning with some fuckface who only wanted to use you for sex, and you’re pissed at me?”
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    I learned long ago that it’s better to face your problems than to run from them
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    feelings, and I’m thankful for her friendship. After my nap, I realize
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    Mia’s annoying laughter brings me back to reality, and I realize how pathetic I am. I have a crush on a man who’s given his kind heart to the devil herself.
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    I’m a good girl who dates guys that are sweet in the streets and bad in the sheets.
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    Because I’m not like those guys in your romance novels. I’m the guy who’ll fuck you against the wall, wrap my hand around your throat, and pull your hair as you scream out my name
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