Fiona Walker

Fiona Walker is an English novelist and short story writer. Dubbed "The Jilly Cooper of the Cosmo Generation," she trained in theatre arts and worked briefly in advertising before becoming a bestselling novelist in her twenties. To date, her novels have sold over a million copies worldwide.

Fiona Walker is the author of eighteen novels, from tales of flat-shares and clubbing in nineties London to today's romping, rural romances set amid shires, spires, and stiles.

The first book by Fiona Walker, French Relations, was published in 1994 when she was 23. It is sharp-eyed romantic comedy became an immediate hit, and the writer developed her fanbase.

In a career spanning over two decades, Walker has grown up alongside her readers, never losing her wickedly well-observed take on life, lust, and the British in love.

"My passion is creating imaginary worlds into which readers can escape, filled with characters to fall in love with," the novelist says.

In addition to writing blockbusting novels, Fiona Walker has edited Girl’s Night Out and Girl’s Night In, collections of stories published to help support the War Child fund. She has also written extensively for many national publications. These have included features, short stories, opinion pieces, and reviews and have covered subjects as diverse as sex, celebrity, lifestyle, equestrianism, and alternative therapies.

Fiona Walker lives in Warwickshire, sharing a slice of Shakespeare Country with her partner, their two daughters, and a menagerie of animals.

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