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Kennedy Fox

This is War

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    already felt like a pathetic loser. I wasn’t about to confront you about what I overheard. I didn’t want to be anyone’s pity friend.”
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    The door slams behind her, and I wonder what I did all those years ago that made her hate me so much
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    I grab the blanket off the floor and cover up, burning with rage knowing the next two weeks, I’m stuck in the same house as Travis King—#1 asshole and heartbreaker
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    Because for some only-God-knows-why reason, my heart only beats for one man. My pulse only increases when he walks into the room. My cheeks flush and my body hums when he looks at me. I feel the blood in my veins as my skin heats from his very existence. He’s the epitome of perfection.
    …Too bad a decade later, he’s a complete asshole.
    Travis King.
    He’s no knight in shining armor—more like a royal jackass. He may look like a prince on the outside, but on the inside, he’s a cocky, arrogant womanizer that I want to shove over a cliff.
    All right, that might sound dramatic and all, considering I just confessed my feelings about him, but those are feelings of hate…not love.
    From being head over heels for him as a young girl to loathing him as a woman, Travis King needs to remember the golden rule—never admit defeat.
    It was game on
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