Daniella Fetish

Stripped By The Billionaire Sheikh

When Christy gets her dream job in Dubai she jumps at the chance to work for Hassan, the billionaire Sheikh. When she arrives it's only a matter of time before the handsome and all powerful leader begins to control her — telling her what to wear and showering her with gifts, designer dresses and heels worth thousands, telling her how to act at his high profile parties, and before long it becomes obvious what he really wants: Christy as his submissive, willing whore.

Christy isn't the type of woman to sacrifice her morals for anyone no matter how rich and powerful they are, but Hassan has spent his entire life getting exactly what he wants and he knows Christy is no exception.

Soon, even she has no idea what she wants, and she's shocked by just how much being submissive can thrill her. 

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