Mark Graham

Stock Market Investing for Beginners, Day Trading, Forex Trading, Options Trading

Stock Market Investing for Beginners aims to help you take things to the next level by providing you with a greater variety of ways to interact with the stock market than ever before.

You will find everything you need to know to take your understanding of ways to profit from stocks to the next level, starting with a breakdown of the current market climate and what to expect from 2019. Next, you will learn about value and growth investing and why one of them is likely the right choice for you. This audiobook will help move you towards some more active alternatives. To wit, you will find sections on cloud pattern trading and price action trading, two popular trading strategies based on technical analysis. From there, you will find sections outlining various other types of stock investments and starter strategies to try including dividend stocks, penny stocks, options, and more. Finally, you will find a section dedicated to some of the master of stock investing and the tactics they use to be successful, as well as a section dedicated to ensuring you remain on the right side of the IRS and pay your taxes correctly.

Stop being a passive observer in the stock market and start getting out there and actively taking your profits, buy this audiobook today!

Day Trading

What the stock market is and why it is a gold mine for those who know what to doA simplified dictionary with the most important termsSeven standards a stock has to meet to represent a good opportunity (very important)The power of leverage and how it can help investors with a small capitalThe difference between fundamental analysis and technical analysisTen common mistakes made by beginners and how to avoid themThe right way to diversify a portfolio and why it is important (not what you think)

Forex Trading

The right mindset to achieve and live the trader's lifestyleHow to trade Forex like a proHow to analyse charts with technical and fundamental analysisHow to reach 10k a month in profit from ForexHow to manage your capital and riskThe power of compound interestHow to leverage your position with margin tradingMuch more!

Options Trading

What is options trading?Working with the bull put spread strategyWorking with the bear call spread strategyThe importance of the butterfly and condor strategies. Working with both the long straddle and the long strangle. The bear put spread strategyWorking with the bull call spread strategyThe ratio spreads and how they work as a strategy. The best ways to reduce your risks when you are working with options trading.
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