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Lynne Graham

The Sheikh's Innocent Bride

In this sexy international romance, an innocent Scottish lass finds her world turned upside down after one night of passion with an Arabian prince!
Far away from his desert kingdom, Prince Shahir enjoys the serenity of his castle retreat in Scotland. But the beauty of the Scottish moors is nothing compared to the beguiling beauty of Kirsten Ross. Though Shahir has a strict rule against sleeping with employees, one look at Kirsten confirms that rules are meant to be broken!
Sheltered and penniless, Kirsten is swept off her feet by the irresistible Sheikh. But she couldn’t know that the night he took her innocence would be the night he made her mother to his royal heir! Now Prince Shahir’s honor dictates only one thing—Kirsten must become his bride . . .
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    Sexual attraction had overruled self-discipline, and the price of succumbing to temptation had been high.


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