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Jack London

Martin Eden

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    He noticed one with narrow-slitted eyes and a loose-lipped mouth. That fellow was vicious, he decided.
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    He couldn’t talk their talk just yet, though in time he would.
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    Is love so gross a thing that it must feed upon publication and public notice? It would seem so. I have sat and thought upon it till my head went around
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    smacked of the sea

    If something smacks of an unpleasant quality, it seems to have that quality:
    The whole situation smacks of mismanagement and incompetence.

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    And at the instant he knew, he ceased to know.
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    knew, now, that he had not really loved her. It was an idealized Ruth he had loved, an ethereal creature of his own creating, the bright and luminous spirit of his love-poems. The real bourgeois Ruth, with all the bourgeois failings and with the hopeless cramp of the bourgeois psychology in her mind, he had never loved.
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    The act was done quietly and naturally, and the awkward young fellow appreciated it. "He understands," was his thought. "He’ll see me through all right."
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    he was manifestly out of place
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    You worship at the shrine of the established,"
    Маша Бондаренкоidézett5 hónappal ezelőtt
    was the old tragedy of insularity trying to serve as mentor to the universal.
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