Allan Davidson

Self Control

FIND OUT: How to Achieve Willpower & Gain Focus to Achieve your Most Important Goals!
According to a 2010 survey made by the American Psychological Association, willpower deficiency is the NUMBER ONE hurdle people face in accomplishing their worthwhile goals.
In this book “SELF-CONTROL: Developing Amazing Willpower to Achieve Goals that Matter", learn the strategies and techniques in order to gain effective willpower and self-control in getting the results you want and accomplish the goals that are of most value to you.
You will discover:
• Why we easily give up with our important goals — and how to fix it
• What willpower is and why it can determine life success or mediocrity
• Why starting small can lead to finishing great
• How to form successful habits that would drive you into getting results
• Building effective willpower for efficiency, productivity and success
• How to boost willpower in challenging situations to make the most out of your efforts
… and much more!
Added benefits of “SELF-CONTROL: Developing Amazing Willpower to Achieve Goals that Matter"
• Understanding the scientific background of willpower — and why it is important
• How to avoid unhealthy food cravings and lose those unwanted pounds
• Developing an effective routine to get more done in less time
Would You Like To Know More?
Own “SELF-CONTROL: Developing Amazing Willpower to Achieve Goals that Matter" and begin learning willpower and self-control for better productivity and focused results.
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    See the Challenges as Fun: Try to see this entire journey as a fun process full of challenges and lessons, instead of a “black or white” set of rules.
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    you should look for ways to find a balance between your big dreams and your daily actions and tasks
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    learning how to dream big
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