Jennifer Becker

Sheltering Olivia

Heath Jacobs knew he wanted her the moment he saw her crossing the street and walking into the diner. She tells him no, but her eyes say eyes. Every day he visits the diner she works in, hoping to wear down her defenses. But what starts as a game quickly changes. Heath grows quite fond of her secret smiles she only shares with him or her witty humor. For the first time in Heath's life, he wants more than a casual fling. Oliva Sheppard is on the run. She doesn't have time for a casual fling, even if it is with a hot soldier that she knows could rock her world. A man was the reason she was on the run, she should avoid them at all costs. They were nothing but trouble. But Heath isn't willing to give up without a fight and tears at her defenses, threatening to melt the ice she keeps around her heart. Just as she feels she can trust him and let down her guard, danger finds her and tests their growing bond. Will Heath stay or will her troubled past be too much and send him packing?
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