Ethan Barker

The Bad Habits Annihilator

Most people just think it is absolutely impossible to alter life long habits and they don't even try messing with them.  It doesn’t have to be that way! You don't have to endure difficulty to rid yourself of bad habits! If you know what you're doing, bad habits elimination is breeze! Well maybe not a breeze, after all you've grown accustomed to them, your whole life! Maybe the right word is, they're “definitely doable”.Allow me to help you do that today.Let's start exterminating these nasty, mental, habit critters!On this book you will learn Habit Management and the proper approaches or techniques including the working methods to get rid of those pesky habits that have been plaguing you for the longest time! Say goodbye to those bad habits once and for all! We're going to mass slaughter them and put them to sleep forever! Lolz.Serriously though, lemme help you take control of your life! Put an end to the influence of these autopilot bad habits.Table Of ContentsDECISION TO CHANGE BAD HABITS IN OUR LIVESMAKE IT CONSCIOUSPut It in Writing So It Really Sinks InBait and Switch5 WAYS TO BREAK A BAD HABIT1) Define Bad Habits and Commit to Change2) Disrupt the Habit3) Create  a Habit Diary4) Replace Bad Habit with Better Habits5) Reward YourselfLIST OF COMMON BAD HABITSMORE TECHNIQUES FOR HABIT-BREAKINGBE A MASTER OF DESIRESTOOLS TO CURB DESIRESSedona MethodNLP AnchorsAnchoring parametersCollapsing anchorsFuture pacing TechniqueFuture Pacing to TestNLP Swish  Change Is EasyWINNING THE LONG TERM BATTLE FOR PERMANENT HABIT CHANGESWHAT CAUSES RELAPSE?HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOU'RE TRULY FREE FROM THE BAD HABIT?
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