Jennifer Becker

Bewitched by the Businessman

“Full of twists and turns, passionate, thrilling, and addicting.” — 5 stars on Goodreads

Lillian Guthrie has it all. Beautiful apartment, more clothes than she could ever wear in a year and the dream job. Lillian has always had one rule in her life: Love them and leave them, until she meets Garrett O’Connell…

Garrett O’Connell is a business tycoon, whose hotel is in trouble when a famed baseball player assaults one of his hotel staff and a PR rep arrives on the scene to help him. He doesn’t think he needs help but Lillian quickly makes him realize how wrong he is. She is beautiful and far too tempting and is very good at her job. He shouldn’t be lusting after someone who is working with him but the way she looks at him tells him that she isn’t immune to him either.

Lillian has to remind herself that she is in Los Angeles for work not to find romance. But a wicked night of passion has her second guessing everything she had thought about relations. But he’s a client and lives in another town. So nothing could come of this, right?

When a person from Lillian’s past resurfaces and jeopardizes all that she had built over the years, she has no choice but to confess her deepest secret to Garrett. Can she trust this man with her heart or will her secret past be too much and have her on the run?

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Readers' reviews

«I was blown away by this book! A fabulous read that I highly recommend.» — ***** Goodreads review 

“This book was marvellous. I wasn't able to put it down. And all the twist and turns this book takes you through is awesone! Can't say how much I loved this book. Now I'm wanting more!” — ***** Amazon review

“I could not put this down once I started it.” — ***** Goodreads review
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