Lynne Graham

The Mistress Wife

From a USA Today–bestselling author, a husband and wife separated by scandal are reunited for their son’s sake and discover renewed passion.
Convinced that Lucca, her billionaire Italian husband, had been having an affair, Vivien Saracino left him—even though she was pregnant.
Now Vivien has discovered that Lucca might not be guilty. She’s determined to win him back, if only for the sake of their small child.
But Lucca is in no mood for a tender reconciliation. He will have his wife again, but on his terms . . . as his mistress!
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  • Rachael O'Quinnmegosztott egy benyomást4 évvel ezelőtt

    Ugh...It was awful. The heroine is such a doormat. Just save yourself here.

  • b5324323773megosztott egy benyomást4 évvel ezelőtt

    The H was a total ass.A cheating lying ass. And the h was a boneless chick who has no self worth.she did all the groveling till the end while the H stays on his high horse beginning till end.

  • b3713383981megosztott egy benyomást3 évvel ezelőtt
    👍Érdemes elolvasni


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