Stephen A. Anthony

High Conflict Divorce

Are you divorcing your ex and know it's going to be a battle?

If you are dealing with a narcissist or bpd, it won't be an easy divorce

While most divorces are at least amicable and easily resolved, a divorce against someone with a personality disorder is anything but that. They have to win and prove they are superior to you, no matter the cost. That includes the kids who will be stuck in the middle. Most people aren't sure of what to expect and aren't prepared.

If you have a high conflict divorce, this book can help you to learn what may be coming and how to deal with it. There are tactics you can use and skills in thinking to enable you to survive during this thriving time. If you aren't prepared, the crazy ex will manipulate you and the court, getting everything their way.

You will learn:

Questions to ask your lawyerWhat to tell your lawyer about your exSimple technique to cut down on he lying and manipulationHow to go into mediation like a champFind out what type of disorder your ex may have and what to look for

Get this book before your next court appointment and get control of your life
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