Ellen Lane


It’s been always me alone against the world. But now a woman has turned my world upside down.

I am a loner. Some would say a daredevil.

Someone who only lives by his own rules.

Money? I abound.

Women? I take whenever I want.

But I don´t let anyone get too close to me.

The past has taught me to have no feelings.

My family is divided. My enemies are trying to kill me.

That's the price for being Franklin Darwell.

But then I met Pam.

A beautiful angel that the gods must have sent me.

Her plump lips and gentle curves made me feel whole again.

Her smile is like a cure for my dark thoughts.

She is the one woman who would be worth dying for.

But nothing should happen to her. I have to protect her.

The only problem is that it's probably too late for that…
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