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Ana Medeiros

Savage Bonds

An aspiring journalist finds herself caught between murder, love, and a Chicago sex club in the second installment of this erotic thriller trilogy.
Journalism student Meredith Dalton is driven to launch her career with an exposé on The Raven Room—an illicit and exclusive sex club hidden in the shadows of Chicago’s Chinatown.
But Meredith’s also driven by desire for her lover, Julian Reeve, a card-carrying member of the club who has expanded her sexual horizons. When Meredith uncovers evidence that the recent murders of two women are connected to The Raven Room—and possibly to Julian—only tracking down the true killer can prevent her from an impossible choice between her two passions.
Unsure who to trust, Meredith zeros in on the killer and a web of organized crime. But she may be unprepared for the consequences of diving deeper and deeper into a dangerous world unwilling to relinquish its secrets.
The Raven Room is really about the evolution of relationships, boundaries, and choices…. [A] satisfying story of emotional turbulence.”—Midwest Book Review on The Raven Room
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