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Lynne Graham

The Greek's Blackmailed Mistress

A Greek billionaire makes outrageous proposition in the USA Today–bestselling author’s international romance of innocence and passion.
Elvi Cartwright will do anything to protect her beloved family. Even if that means finding the courage to ask ruthless billionaire Xan Ziakis to forgive her stepbrother’s crimes. But nothing could ever have prepared her for Xan’s dangerously mesmerizing appeal . . . or his shocking proposal!
One electrifying touch later, innocent Elvi is in over her head—and the Greek’s bed! Yet with his skilled touch and guarded honesty, Elvi wonders if this irresistible man can offer her the love she truly craves . . .
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    There was nothing comfortable about that experience, primarily because Xan wasn’t at the penthouse to greet her.
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    him, hadn’t she? What better opportunity could he offer her? It c


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