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Sarah Morgan

St. Piran's: Prince on the Children's Ward

Now a Harlequin Movie, Christmas with a Prince!
For children’s doctor Tasha O’Hara it seems bad things do happen in threes…
1. Her new job is looking after a sinfully gorgeous—but maddeningly arrogant!—Mediterranean prince, injured in a charity polo match.
2. This isn’t just any prince, but incorrigible heartbreaker Prince Alessandro Cavalieri—the man she once threw away any shred of dignity for…and still can’t think about without blushing from top to toe!
3. Alessandro’s definition of No Physical Activity definitely goes against doctor’s orders…. Only problem is, it’s becoming impossible for Tasha not to succumb to temptation!
Alessandro couldn’t be more wrong for her…but three wrongs could make the biggest right of all!
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