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Eric Robertson

Breaking Overthinking

  • Lina LDidézettelőző év
    Don’t overthink, just do. After
  • Nursaule Bayanovaidézett2 évvel ezelőtt
    Life will always be more fulfilling as long as you stay positive and be mindful of all that you are grateful for.
  • Nursaule Bayanovaidézett2 évvel ezelőtt
    there are two things you must remember constantly is that life is too short to be negative and worrying about things of no importance to you will only bring you misery.
  • Zahraa🦋 📖idézett2 évvel ezelőtt
    When these regions of the brain are taken over by excessive worry, or overthinking, you may struggle with accessing the planning and problem-solving neural structure that would normally allow you to focus on
  • thatimekwaidézett5 hónappal ezelőtt
    The only reason it feels as though these things are important is that you have been stuck in your own mind for so long that you don’t know how to escape it.
  • April joy mahinayidézettelőző év
    Reliving, and obsessing over past failures, or what you could have, should have, would have done, to the point where you cannot seem to get past it.

    Gina balik² Nimo ang situation tong panahon nga failures og down ka, Isa japon na sya sa overthinking disorder
    Kay imbis past Gina balik² japon Nimo so ga overthink bcen mahitabo na sad nga situation or ga overthink ka bcen dili Nimo malampos nga situation
    Dapat kalimtan na ngamga kaigi
    Dapat Focused sa present

  • April joy mahinayidézettelőző év
    Comparing yourself to others and feeling as though you have to measure up to them, or give in to their expectations, or think that they look down on you.

    So kung eh compared daw Nimo Imong kaugalingon sa uban naay possibility nga naa. Kay overthinking disorder kay Gina compared mn Nimo Imong kaugalingon, feeling nimo ma pressure ka pag dili Nimo malabwan, ma pressure ka nga e down ka nila
    Dapat focused lang ta sa.atong kaugalingon eh pakita nato nga unique ta

  • dorotejatopolovecidézettelőző év
    Your body is wounded, and your mind is tired.
  • dorotejatopolovecidézettelőző év
    This is because the individual does not know how to stop thinking and so they obsess over things they cannot control or things they wish they had done or haven’t yet done
  • Jusselle Butaslacidézettelőző év
    I overthink so much that it stops me from living my life?


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