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Jennifer Ferguson

Mind Hacking

If You Want to Change Your Life to Stop Overthinking, Create Better Habits and Realize Your Life Goals, then Keep Reading…

In today's fast-paced society, it is easy to slip slowly into routines that cultivate bad habits, contributing to a poor and unhealthy lifestyle. Luckily, you don't have to remain stuck in these unhealthy routines forever. In Mind Hacking: How to Rewire Your Brain to Stop Overthinking, Create Better Habits and Realize Your Life Goals, you will learn all about the concept of neuroplasticity and how it is possible for you to change your life, one habit at a time. 
The brain is an infinitely complex structure where behavior patterns are rooted in emotional responses and ancient hardwiring that dates back to when our ancestors had to risk their lives for survival. While the feeling brain responds to stimuli telling us what is dangerous and what is rewarding, the thinking brain sometimes gets left behind to trail in our emotions' wake. 
This marvelous structure is also equipped with the capacity to change and rewire according to your conscious thoughts. 

★★When you dive into the world of mind hacking, you will learn to★★

♦ Address Negative Thought Patterns
♦ Remove Negative External Influences 
♦ Recognize Emotion And Understand Its Source
♦ Redirect Negative Thought Processes Using Principles Of Neuroplasticity
♦ Banish Harmful Emotions Like Anxiety And Those Associated With Overthinking And Excessive Worrying
♦ Take The Journey Step By Step As You Create A Concrete Plan For Reshaping Your Life
♦ Cultivate 10 Daily Practices To Strengthen Your Self-Esteem And Confidence
♦ And much more…

Once you've mastered the techniques offered in this book, the sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities for your new life. What will you choose to become? Do you lay awake at night thinking about where you would like to be in five years? Are there challenges in your life that cause undue stress, prompting unhealthy coping mechanisms? Do you feel trapped in an endless cycle of negative thoughts as you compare yourself to others around you? We all have individual struggles, and these struggles slowly take hold until the point where we may feel trapped, unable to break free. Social media and peer pressure cultivate an atmosphere of near-constant competitiveness and often encourages feelings of inadequacy as we recognize the imperfections within ourselves. 
The truth is, no one is perfect. Part of setting yourself up for success is learning how to fail. Take these opportunities to learn and build yourself up from the ground to redesign your life in a position of strength. It's all up to you. Now, you can arm yourself with the best tools available through these effective mind-hacking strategies and set yourself on the path towards a better you. 

So, what are you waiting for? Maximize your full potential by unlocking the power of your mind, and scroll up to buy the book instantly!
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    Now, I want you to conjure an imaginary situation in your mind in which you are experiencing the opposite, positive emotion in opposition to this negative one.
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    Sure, people can give you advice and show you the way, but it will be up to you to get there and reach those goals for yourself.
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