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Overcoming Fear

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“Yes, this is all self-hypnosis. It works regardless of whether you believe in it at once or over time.”

If a person was brought up in difficult circumstances, faced pressure from parents and the others felt his/her uselessness and lack of love, felt the injustice, experienced everything in negative aspects, the suffering and negative experiences become the norm for such person. That is, worrying here is a usual thing. The person feels «good“ when he feels «wrong," and this is not because he feels good actually – just because it is habitual. He's used to it; he knows what to do, how to conduct. This is his comfort zone.

I won’t convince you that there is nothing to fear, it would be a mistake! But I know for sure that there is one kind of fear that distinguishes man from the other creatures – a fear of hurting or threatening the life of another person. It is the fear, which needs no correction, we don’t have a right to get rid of it! All other concerns prevent us from enjoying our lives entirely. I’ll try to help you overcome the most common fears if you want it. But you need to reconsider your life and pick your worries, something you’re afraid of, exactly. When you find this out, consider that your path of defeating negativity that settled in your subconsciousness became shorter by 50%!

Let’s consider the most critical areas of human life, where the sense of fear doesn’t allow changing anything.

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