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Age Crisis: How to Find Yourself

American psychologists nicknamed this syndrome of the midlife crisis ‘riot of the 40-years-old’. For regret, this syndrome is of mass proportions and, despite the apparent simplicity, is very dangerous. Sometimes the midlife crisis destroys families because a person suffers from the feeling of uselessness in life and for the others, and the emotions that everything created by him/her falls apart. Sometimes such person may leave a spouse, change the job, get a risky hobby, introduce other dramatic changes in life – but alas, he doesn’t become happier after these changes. People try to rush out if this condition without thinking and gain much more severe problems. Often in such cases, they cannot cope with the situation without medical or psychological aid.

Many people prefer not to discuss this subject. It seems improper to them. It means that not everything is well in their life, that a man was unable to establish all the relations by this time, although he’s not a boy anymore. By the way, when talking about this crisis, people usually mean men but, for regret, it may concern anyone. Indeed, one way or another, all people feel changes in life by the age of forty or fifty. Just someone is ready to admit it, and someone will do his best to escape the need to face the problem.

By this time, any person already achieves much, and he/she already has specific roles – husband, father, wife, director, manager, etc. Much power was taken to attain this. We created our place in society, and we tried to match this organization. Very often, we spent much mental energy on forming such an image. We sacrificed much. We were ambitious; we saw our goals. They were different – to educate the child properly, to create a decent circle of close people, to climb the career ladder, etc.

We continue asking ourselves, ‘What were my youth dreams? Will, I never have it? Will, I am able to cope with the problems pursuing me in childhood? Or did I forget them?’

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