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How to Create the Life You Dream About

Please yourself and imagine for a moment that you are capable of doing something unrealizable, that your possibilities have no limits, and this is an absolute truth. You don’t know what you can do. You didn’t try many things in the world. You probably didn’t try even a small part of what you could do. Only by working, you can find out where your possibilities end. And only by changing your ideas, you will understand that they have no limits. Limitations and borders exist only in your conscience.

Everything you want can come into your life — you just have to arrange your thoughts.

Life is given to us just once, and it is too short to get boiled alive in the broth of unimportant and senseless things that, moreover, lead to frustration and disappointment.

The only right choice in this situation will be making a firm and conscious decision to create just the life you want.

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