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As soon as we quit our comfort zone, we destroy some valuable resource, which was feeding our body and psyche.

And to stay alive, we need to start growing a new comfort zone, from scratch. You can’t fulfill your abilities while your mental health is being sapped — a chronic stress pushed out into the unconscious, the increased level of anxiety, social fears.

When your physical health and self-esteem are undermined by malnutrition, dehydration, lack of sleep, cramped housing conditions and the collapse of your libido, you won’t be able to make the world more harmonious and just better.

One can endlessly speculate, whether there is some sense in a big goal in life? Should we long for something deliberately, and why? And maybe, it would be better to take the flow and satisfy this state? All these options have the right to exist. It’s stupid arguing here, but we should also realize that such conversations have nothing to do with the management of life changes.

I represent and warrant that: creating oneself anew without a goal is impossible.

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