Nia Arthurs

If You Were Me

Two girls—one white and one black—switch bodies. Can they find common ground? 

High school seniors, Natalia Brown and Elizabeth Castillo, live very different lives. 
Natalia’s wild-girl reputation is legendary, while Elizabeth’s artistic abilities gather dust in the shadows.
In a twist of fate, these two very different girls switch bodies. 
Forced to put their mutual hatred aside, they must work together to convince the world nothing has changed while trying to return themselves to normal. 
But living in each other's bodies reveals secrets and scars they'd both tried to hide.
Will they be able to fool the world and switch back? Or will they both destroy each other's lives before returning to their own?

If You Were Me is a heartwarming body-swap novel set in Belize. It explores the meaning of love and the power of friendship.
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