Nia Arthurs

Open Up To Love

Three weeks before her wedding, she meets the love of her life. But choosing true love could destroy everything.
Abigail Palacio is living life waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Her fiancé has a dangerous temper; her father pretends she doesn’t exist, and the man she loves is halfway across the world.
When Abigail returns to Belize to prepare for her wedding, she runs headfirst into Mateo.
Handsome, sweet and a successful doctor, Mateo Hernandez makes her feel alive.
He and his adopted family welcome her with open and arms and Abigail feels safe for the first time in her life.
But her feelings for Mateo bring him and everything he loves closer to danger.
Her fiancé isn’t going to let her go easily and her father is determined to keep her from calling off the wedding.
Can Abigail open herself up to trusting Mateo with all her darkness? Or will her evil fiancé and wicked father keep her from a happily ever after?

Open Up To Love is a heartfelt BWWM romance about the family we choose. Contains scenes that may be triggering to some. *Note: This book was previously titled ‘TRUST’ .
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