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You Can Be Happy If You Want to Be

Stop spending time with wrong people. Life is too short to spend it with people squeezing all the juice out of you. If someone wants you to be present in his life, he will take care of your comfort. You won’t have to fight for a place by this person. Don’t cling to people who permanently decrease your value! And keep in mind that the real friends are not those who support you when you tall in the saddle but those who stay with you when your conditions are severe.

Stop running away from your problems. Face them. No, it won’t be easy. No one in the world can keep the strike entirely. We are not required to solve all our problems in the twinkling of an eye! We are just made differently. Grieving, feeling pain, sadness, stumbling and falling are normal to us. This is the sense of life — to face challenges, learn, adapt, and, finally, solve them. This is what makes us humans.

Stop lying to yourself. You can do this to anyone but not to yourself. Our lives can be improved only when we allow ourselves to take risks, and the first and the most severe risk to us is, to be honest with ourselves.

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