Jennifer Becker

Willing Brooklyn

Brooklyn has her entire life planned out to a “T” and witnessing her boss being murdered wasn't part of it. Now she has been put into witness protection and stashed in the woods for her own protection while the police look for the killer. Brooklyn doesn't know the first thing about living off grid and her bodyguard doesn't seem to want to give her a lesson. He is just as hard and unyielding as the terrain around her.

Drake lives in a remote cabin in the Montana wildness hiding from the world. After he was medically discharged from the military he turned into a bitter man and only wants to be left alone and lick his wounds. Then his brother shows up asking him to watch a witness for him. He should refuse. He doesn't like people and Brooklyn is a city girl that doesn't belong in the woods but his brother won't take no for an answer.

Brooklyn tries to make the best of her situation and soon finds herself enjoying the clean mountain air and soon it's not just the snow that's melting. Drake tries to keep his distance but despite this city girl wearing business suits and high heels traipsing through the woods and disturbing the local wildlife, he sees there is more than meets the eye about Brooklyn. She breaks through all of his defenses and when danger comes knocking on his door, Drake's protective instincts kick in and military expertise comes back in full force.
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