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Peter Hollins

Psychological Triggers

Understand, avoid, and defeat the subconscious causes of your irrational and self-defeating behaviors. It’s only human nature.

A psychological trigger is something that causes us to act out of urgency — not correctness or even happiness. It’s a switch that is flipped outside of our consciousness. This is fertile ground for some of the worst decisions of our lives.

Seize control and of your impulses and make better decisions.

Psychological Triggers is an introduction to yourself — your impulses, your desires, and everything in your subconscious that drives you to action. It answers the question, “Why did I just make a terrible choice when I know I shouldn’t have?”
We are all slaves to our triggers, and this book seeks to identify them to better battle them. We might think we are making our decisions independently and out of free will, but you’ll discover that to be far from reality.

Master your psychology, master your life.

Peter Hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years and is a bestselling author. He has worked with a multitude of individuals to unlock their potential and path towards success. His writing draws on his academic, coaching, and research experience.

Think clearly and triumph over your human nature.

•The triggering effects of social pressure and conformity.
How everyday emotions are behind some of the most powerful triggers.
•Natural, biological, evolutionary human drives — can you regulate them?
Simple thinking traps we all fall victim to.
•The notion of free will and whether it truly exists.
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    people sometimes act first, then create justifications for their actions after the fact
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    His experiment worked on the premise that the participant was administering a memory test to someone in another room, and if the unseen person made a mistake on the test, the participant was given the instruction from a man in a lab coat to punish them with electric shocks stemming from the “shock machine.”
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    But they shared the view that human behavior is highly subject to various experiences and conditions.


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