Marty Jopson

The Science of Being Human

Offering a unique insight into human behaviour, this book explains why we behave the way we do and what happens when humans interact with the world and each other.

Starting with evolutionary biology and what it physically means to be a human being, this book moves on to include a wide range of topics such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and how we are evolving as we interact with new technology. There will be sections on how we perceive the world, such as why our brains — rather than our senses — can tell us about the world around us; crowd behaviour and more everyday things we can relate to, such as why your queue is mathematically proven to always be slower.

The Science of Being Human explains all these human phenomena and how science, maths, psychology and other disciplines play their part.
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    .Good one


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    But evolution is not a process of increasing complexity, nor any other measure of superiority you can find.
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    he system was invented back in 1735 by one of the great scientists of the eighteenth century, a Swedish naturalist called Carl Linnaeus
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    of the species depicted in the ‘March of Progress’ were at some point perfectly adapted to their environment. As their environment changed, be that through change in climate, habitat or pressure from another species, that evolutionary fit to their niche may have diminished with the ultimate consequence of extinction.


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